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Consumptive Use Mitigation Plan - 2008

The Susquehanna River Basin Commissionís (Commissionís) consumptive water use regulation, adopted in 1976, required project sponsors to provide mitigation for their water use during low flow events. The Commission enacted a measure in 1993 to allow project sponsors to pay a fee to the Commission in lieu of providing actual compensatory water. The payment of fees was intended to allow the Commission to undertake large-scale storage projects to provide low flow mitigation for consumptive water use projects paying the fee. The Commissionís mitigation strategy is based on the elimination of manmade impacts caused by consumptive water use during low flows and the return to natural flow conditions. The purposes of this Consumptive Use Mitigation Plan (CUMP) are to present the state of consumptive water use in the Susquehanna basin, identify the low flow mitigation needs, and introduce the Commissionís plan for meeting mitigation needs.

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SRBC - Consumptive Use Mitigation Plan