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Policies, Guidances & Regulations


The Commission’s Project Review Regulations, codified at 18 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 801, 806, 807 and 808, contain the standards and procedures used by the Commission for the review and approval of water resources projects, and for related enforcement and oversight activities. 

Proposed rulemaking open for public comment until November 9, 2015 at http://www.srbc.net/pubinfo/publicparticipation.htm. This rulemaking proposal would amend the Commission regulations to address shortcomings in the rules for transfer of approvals, create a category for minor modifications, establish a procedure for issuing General Permits, and address other minor enhancements.

Regulatory Program Fee Schedule  Fee schedule, Adopted by Resolution No. 2015-04, June 4, 2015, and effective July 1, 2015. pdf

Policies and Guidances

Resolution No. 2015-02
Use of Dry Cooling Technology for Power Generation and other Facilities pdf

No. 2012-01
Low Flow Protection Policy
(includes Proposed Final Rulemaking related to headwaters area)

Resolution No. 2012-01
Use and Reuse of Lesser Quality Water pdf

No. 2009-02
Access to Records Policy pdf

No. 2009-01
Application Fee Policy for Mine Drainage Withdrawals pdf

No. 2007-01
Aquifer Testing Guidance pdf

The following two tables (Excel format) can be downloaded and be used to compile and present the proposed groundwater and surface water monitoring locations. The groundwater monitoring points table file can be used to provide the information requested and described by Table 9 in the aquifer testing plan guidance document. The surface water monitoring table file can be used to provide the information requested and described by Table 10 in the aquifer testing plan guidance document.

NEW Groundwater Monitoring Points Table   pdf

NEW Surface Water Monitoring Points Table  pdf

Otsego Lake, New York

The source of the Susquehanna River is Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, New York.