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Groundwater Management Plan

Final plan was adopted by the Commissioners on June 8, 2005

FULL PLAN | 8-PAGE SUMMARY | PRESS RELEASE (issued 6/3/04 for draft plan)

This groundwater management plan has been prepared by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, under the direction of its Water Resources Management Advisory Committee, with the goal of achieving a balanced approach for meeting environmental, human, and economic needs. The Commission’s first groundwater management plan was prepared in 1993. A full review and revision of the 1993 plan was made to adequately address existing and anticipated issues. Development of the current plan included an assessment of groundwater problems and management issues, a compilation of groundwater management tools, an identification of action to address issues and problems, selection of the management plan, and a discussion of implementation aspects of the plan.

This 186-page plan, Groundwater Management Plan for the Susquehanna River Basin, includes: (1) an assessment of the current groundwater problems and management issues, and (2) a series of recommended actions needed to ensure the sustainability of the basin’s groundwater resources and to address impacts on the resource, including those from growth and development, droughts, current and past mining, transfers out of watersheds, unknown and unregulated uses, and management measures.

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