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Natural Gas Shale and Natural Gas Well Signage / Posting

Prior to any withdrawal of water from a docketed source or the consumptive use of water at an approved drilling pad, the project sponsor shall post at each entry to the property from a public right-of-way a sign that meets Commission specifications and displays a project description. The project description shall identify the project sponsor, project name, docket/ABR approval number, conditions of the approval, effective date of the approval, expiration date of the approval, and Commission contact information. The project sponsor may, at its discretion, include its contact information on the sign. The project sponsor shall submit digital photographs as proof of sign installation prior to the initiation of the withdrawal and maintain the sign during the duration of the approval. The size of the sign should be approximately four square feet, but the project sponsor should check with the local township or borough to see if there are any size restrictions. Examples of a surface water withdrawal sign and a consumptive use sign are shown below.

Signage changes effective January 1, 2018. Please see this link for additional details.